Week 9

Week 9!!!

This week we got into Reading Movies… we transitioned from audio to video and looked at how a movie really comes together using cinematic camerawork.

I started this week by reading Roger Eberts, How to read a movie article and watching videos from Tony Zhous, Every frame a painting  series. There was many points that I was able to take away  from these especially, how much of an impact camera angles have on scenes of movies.

The video essay was the major part of this weeks assignments. For this we were to find one scene from a movie and analyze it by what we learned from the videos and article we watched/read before. I chose a scene from Albert Hitchcocks Notorious. This scene used a lot of what Ebert spoke about in his article and the camera angles were used in such a great way that I would of been able to understand the plot if there wasn’t dialogue in the scene. I used iMovie to create this assignment, even though I had trouble with the voice over I was still able to write my analysis in my blog post under the embedded video. I had a lot of fun creating this assignment and learned a lot about how much camera angles help to tell and read a movie.

This week we had to complete 12 stars worth of video assignments, I created 3 of them that were worth 4 stars each. I had a lot of fun completing these assignments as well…. I used iMovie for all three of them and wrote up a blog post about how I completed these assignments as well as embedded the video. iMovie really helped me out this week when doing all of these assignments.

Daily Creates

I completed 2 daily creates this week and posted them to twitter! Always a good time! https://twitter.com/bball151/with_replies


Video Essay


By: Alfred Hitchcock

A huge part of this week was to read and understand how to read a movie… then create a video essay.. analyzing it from what we learned. We were required to read, How to read a movie by Robert Ebert, as well as watch videos from Tony Zhous, Every frame a painting series. The article and videos were very helpful when analyzing a scene from Notorious by Alfred Hitchcock. Here is the requirements for this assignment:

For this assignment you need to select several scenes from your favorite film (or one of your favorites), and edit them together and comment on some of the filmic elements of the scenes? Why do you like these scenes? What strikes you about them? What makes them good cinema? Is there a subtext at work in this film? In short, construct an essayistic commentary on the scenes as a narrator explaining to your audience what you find important about the scene, and why. What’s more, what do the details you have pinpointed say about the film more generally.

For us we only had to take one scene from a movie and analyze it. When choosing a scene I wanted to use I looked for something that had a lot of what Ebert talked about in his article. I recently watched Notorious with my grandmother when I saw her over break and I remember the scene of Alicia and Devlin conversation as Alicia is trying to get over her hangover. The camera angles that were used really got me to pay attention and intrigued me to this scene.

I had a lot of trouble when creating this assignment due to the annoying virus on my computer… so I wasn’t about to do a voice over with my video essay… I have uploaded the scene I want to analyze to youtube and I will just type out my analysis here, on my blog along with the attached video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I2CjWjTrE9M


The use of space and camera angles in this scene represents ,what Edwin spoke about..which is mood and feeling. The camera angle on Alicia is unbalanced and is shooting from a weird lower angle… the unbalance is due to Alicias obvious hangover. Because the camera angle on Alicia (lower than eye level) she is the non dominate character. Devlin, on the other hand, is the dominate character because the camera angle is enhancing him. The camera angles in this scene convey what is actually going on without even needing to hear what the characters are saying. Edwin spoke to how much they are needed and used to convey what is actually going on. Shot and Reverse shot is seen when Alicia and Devlin are speaking to one another… using Coens version of filming inside the convo…. sense of presence in the conversation. Alicia becomes the more dominate character towards the end of the scene as she raises her voice and also the camera angle changes and she is standing higher than Devlin. The camera angles really did a great job conveying what is going on in this scene.

Video Assignments

Your Dream As A Movie Trailer

This video assignment is worth 4 stars, and we were to put together a 30 second movie trailer telling a story of your life dream using photos, videos, music, and text. I used iMovie to create this assignment and it is about my real dream to be a nurse but using pictures of Meredith Grey from Greys Anatomy. I uploaded pictures that represented my dream and emotions to go with each part. This assignment was fairly easy because iMovie is a great tool for uploading pictures and adding text for trailers. I then uploaded this video to my Youtube.

My Favorite Thing To Do

This assignment is worth 4 stars and we were to use a 30sec- 1 minute video of ourself doing so our favorite hobby. I used a video of my self playing basketball from high school and uploaded it onto iMovie. Basketball has been in my life for a very long time now and I have continued to keep playing even in college. It has always been in my life and I wouldn’t know what to do without it. I have uploaded this video onto Youtube as well.

Lip-Sync Along

This assignment is worth 4 stars, and we were to record ourself lip syncing along to one of our favorite songs. I chose Justin Biebers’ What do you mean? as my song for this assignment. I used iMovie to create this assignment by playing the song in the background and recording my self lip syncing the whole song…. with a couple dance movies. I had a lot of fun with this assignment and my roommates even joined in at one point. I also uploaded this video to youtube.

Here is the link to the videos:


week #8


This week all of the ds106 class’s radio stations aired on the ds106 radio. It was awesome to listen to everyones radio show, I believe everyone did a very great job with this assignment. It definitely was a great experience doing this. I listened to the radio show called, “History 2.0”. Their radio show spoke about news that is flooding social media and creating the most buzz around campus. They spoke about the Trump campaign, the newest heroin scare, and the recent scary clown activities. I thought this group did a great job with their radio show especially their commercials and bumpers.

This week we were to choose three of the best artworks we saw this semester in ds106. I found these artworks by looking back on the ds106 page and was instantly drawn to these blogs. I wrote up a blog post about the three artworks and embedded the media with it.

This week we created 3 Daily creates… I have attached the link to them below. After creating three Daily Creates we were to put them together to create a story:

The “Squad” of my 5 favorite people hung out and created a poem… to which they created because they love to write.. and it was national why do you write day.


Finally we were to create 8 stars worth of Web Assignments… I first created my future bedroom using Pinterest by pinning pictures of what I want my future bedroom to look like. This is worth 4 stars…. the second one I did was also worth 4 stars and I was to create social media  accounts for a character of my choice.

I had a lot of fun this week… I’ve had a virus on my computer so I had a lot of trouble getting the googles/coding practice to work on my computer so I am taking my computer to the ITCC tomorrow to see if they can help me. Other than that this week was fairly easy.

web assignments week #8

This week we were to complete 8 stars worth of web assignments.

The first assignment I completed was worth 4 stars …. called “Create your own bedroom”. To complete this assignment I used Pinterest and pinned a bunch of pictures and ideas of an ideal room I would dream of having. I’ve always wanted a large bed with huge pillow and comfy headboard. I dream of having a walk in closest filled to the brim with shoes and clothes that I would never be able to get to wear. I added pictures of my ideal makeup table with large lights and plenty of room to fill with all of my makeup and essentials. I am obsessed will wall decor so there would be many of things hanging on my walls and I am especially obsessed with the hanging jewelry. I had fun creating my future bedroom and will post the link to my Pinterest below.


The second assignment I completed is also worth 4 stars… called “Socialize your media” . For this assignment I was to create social media accounts for a character of my choice…. I chose Sponge Bob as my character because I loved watching Spongebob Squarepants growing up and still continue to watch this show even today. He has had a great impact on my childhood and idk what I would do without his show. I created a twitter and yahoo account for spongebob. I tried to make a facebook for Spongebob but because he is a famous person. I will attach the links to both the email and twitter below.



Best of DS106

I have looked back on our ds106 dashboard, and found what I think are the 3 outstanding works of art.

The first post I found was created by Emily Dzubak, she did created a Daily Create of a snowflake concrete poem. I love winter and obsessed with snowflakes so once I saw this I was automatically drawn to it. She really put together the feeling of winter and seeing the snow falling from the sky in her concrete poem.


The second post I found was created by Mark Madison, he did a design assignment about his long distance relationship. I thought it was really sweet how well he put together four photos that describes his long distance relationship. He put four photos together and placed a quote about love on top of the photos. I really liked what he did and thought it was very sweet.


The final post I found was an audio assignment of a soundcloud recording of speed dating between one person and taylor swift. I’m obsessed with Taylor Swift and loved how they portrayed her in this audio.  They did a very good job at this because it was very funny and had me laughing for a good 5 minutes. I really enjoyed listening to this assignment.


Radio Show Broadcasting

History 2.0

This Wednesday I tuned into ds106 radio and listened to “History 2.0’s” radio show. Throughout their radio show they brought up a couple of the top news stories that have been getting a lot of buzz around campus. They started their introduction to the radio show with loud music to grab your attention and get you interested into their show. The first news story they talked about was the Trump Campaign and the recent sexist quote Donald Trump was recorded saying. They discussed how you never know what is going to happen when in reference to the Trump Campaign…. The whole group seemed to be on the same page and thought that this news story will affect the Trump Campaign and might actually cost him the election.

The second news story they spoke on was about cops pulling over a man and women passed out in the front seat off heroin as their baby sat in the backseat… This story has made a bunch of headlines and still is getting buzz. The cops took pictures and made this an example for the public to see…. The group discussed if it was a good idea to put this in the public eye. They agreed it would be helpful to put fear in the eye of the public to create a conscious when going to use heroin. Also they agreed there should be more of a punishment for the use of heroin instead of what the two people were given.. which was only a few months.

The final news story they spoke about was the recent threats clowns have made on the public. Some people have been dressing up as clowns and scaring local people. The danger of this is very real but most of the buzz is overreactions. Wearing a clown mask is  now classified as a class 6 felony… The group brought up a great point about how these attacks have affected the people who dress up as clowns for a living…

I thought this group did a very good job on their radio show. Their commercials were done very well and I liked how they were all together in one segment as their “break period”. Also I really liked how they all were together and did their radio show at one time instead of recording their own segments and putting them together by segments.

Radio Show Process #2

DS106 talkshow

After our group meeting on Sunday we all decided the order in which we were planning to put our radio talkshow together. We also discussed and decided what each of us were going to talk about for each of our 5 minute segments for the radio show. We decided to add trivia questions to the end of each of our segments to make the radioshow more realistic. On Tuesday we met for a second time to complete our 3 radio show commercials and 3 radio bumpers. To create our 3 radio bumpers and  3 commercials we used soundcloud to record each of them.  Most of our group already had their segments done and after our meeting all we needed to do was get everyones segment in and just put the radioshow together.

For my 5 minute segment of the radioshow, I talked about how different our lives would be without the use of the internet. I spoke about examples of our life without internet but also ended with how much the internet has changed our life. To create my 5 minute segment I used soundcloud to record myself talking. I had a lot of trouble talking for 5 straight minutes without messing up. It actually made me very nervous to talk for the 5 minutes but it was a lot of fun to do this assignment. My group was a lot of fun to complete this assignment with, they were all on top of their work and made this a lot of fun.

WEEK 6!!!!!

Weekly Summary!!!

YAYAY radio talkshow week!!

This week we got together and made a group for our radio talkshows. I was able to find a group fairly easy due to connections on twitter which was awesome!! We weren’t able to start a lot of planning due to miscommunications and busy schedules but we are meeting very soon and can’t wait to get started on this assignment. We decided to have our talkshow based on a topic we discussed throughout this class, what we did before the internet and how much impact the internet has on us. I am very excited to meet with my classmates and begin our talkshow.

I have designed a logo/sticker for our radio talk show, I wasn’t able to upload a design I made to it but my classmate is going to help me with that so we are able to use it for our talkshow. I used pixlr app on my computer to create this logo/sticker.

Audio Assignments:

This week we were to complete 10 stars worth of audio assignments, mostly to help get in gear our talkshow.

For my first audio assignment I completed the “Rhythms with Things” assignment. This was worth 3 stars and I was to create a rhythms with everyday objects… I used a water bottle and spoon… I used soundcloud to record and after I was done I uploaded my recording to my soundcloud page. I will post the link below. This assignment was a lot of fun to create.


The second audio assignment I completed was called “Real Housewives Tagline”. For this assignment I was to create a Tagline for myself I was was to be on of the Real Housewives on the show. If you haven’t seen the show before… When they introduce each housewife there is a 5 second tagline that is something that they either live by or believe to be true when describing their self. It took my awhile to think of one but I was finally able to do so. I recorded and uploaded my recording to soundcloud. I will post the link below. This assignment was worth 3 stars.


For my final audio assignment I completed the “sound of your day” assignment. For this I was to record sounds throughout my day and put them all together. I used iMovie to complete this assignment. I was able to upload my sounds from my phone right onto the iMovie template. Lots of weird sounds in my day but I had fun completing this assignment. This was worth 4 stars and I posted my sounds to soundcloud and will post the link below.


Daily Creates

YAYAY another fun week of completing three new daily creates and posting them via twitter. I really enjoy completing these assignments because it allows for conversation and connection with my other classmates on twitter. This weeks creates were a lot hard to complete than usual but I was still able to get them done. I met my talkshow group member from commenting on her daily create from last week so thats super exciting!! I will post the link to my twitter below!!



Radio Show Design Project


For this assignment we were to create a car bumper sticker for our radio show. I used pixlr to create this logo and did a very basic design because I wasn’t able to upload a design that I have made but I will be able to do so when I meet with my group members. I am very exited for this radio talk show and wait to see the logos or bumper stickers my group members have made as well.