Color– The bright and eye catching yellow pulls the viewer in to see what the message this sign is trying to convey. When we think of yellow we think of ‘cation’ or ‘warning’ able to get out attention to what the problem is.

Typography/Dominance: The boldness of the text grabs the viewers eye, it is hard to look away from what the sign says. The CAUTION is in caps which is the first thing the viewers eye goes to. The CAUTION dominates this image because is it what most will view first.

Message: The message is clearly displayed on this object through the letters, but is also presented in the color and the attention of design around the letter.



Color: The black and red color are dominate colors and attract the common eye. The use of these colors gives the attention and interest needed for any type of local business.

Typography: The wording, different fonts, and different sizes of letters pulls the creativity and attraction to the viewer. It makes you not only look but read what the sign is trying to convey.

Unity: All of the different parts of this sign work together to collectively grab the attention of the viewer.

Dominance: ‘BLACKSTONE’ dominates this sign. All of the parts of this sign draw you in, but ‘BLACKSTONE’ is the first thing the viewer will read.



Color- The colors used in this sign work perfectly with the message that is trying to be conveyed. This sign is for recyling and using green (for the planet) and blue (for recyling) it art

Show your work part 2

Think Process, Not Product

“A lot of people are so used to just seeing the outcome of work. They never see the side of work you go through to produce the outcome.” – Michael Jackson

This quote is the outline for what this chapter is mainly about. There is a lot that goes through the creative process… it takes a lot of planning and trial and error. The audience only cares about what the final product of a paper or artwork is, but for us we care about how we go about and create the product. I know that when I am writing a paper I put a lot of thought and effort into what the final product will be. It effects me emotionally when something I put a lot of time into doesn’t get the recognition or grade I think it would deserve. I become emotionally attached with my work and know that the process for me is a lot more important than the product.

Share Something Small Everyday

Before the internet there were not many ways to show your work as easy as it is today with the use of the internet. Before, when sharing work, there wasn’t a way to show the process and work that goes into it. The internet allows for so much room and space to show and express the process and final product of our work. Everyday there are so many chances and outlets to show work…. especially with the use of social media. The sharing of the process behind the product really creates a relationship between you and the audience. There is never a wrong thing about sharing, all work and process behind work is important.

Design Assignments

Bumper Sticker 

For this  assignment we were to design/create a bumper sticker that would be placed on our cars. I instantly thought of a what my dad always says when I drive him around “Caution! Aggressive teen driver!” I used to create my bumper sticker. It was very confusing using this site but I was still able to create my bumper sticker with this website. This assignment is worth 4 stars.


Branding.. Business Logo Design

For this assignment we were to create a business logo for something that is person to ourselves. To create my logo I used again to create what I instantly thought of when creating a fake business. I had a lot of trouble trying to add images to my logo and nothing seemed to work. I got my idea from my friend… we were talking about this assignment and she said she needed a business that helped her learn how to be single and I instantly had to create this business logo. I have attached my logo below and also an image I was wanting to add to the side of it but wasn’t able to do so. This assignment is worth 4 stars.


Word Assignment

For this assignment we were to pick a word and communicate it using a design technique. Visualizing and representing a type of face to depict the meaning of the word. The end game for this assignment is to be able to visualize the word for more than just being a word… but depicting the meaning through the design of the word. I used Word to complete this assignment, I found a design application on word that allowed me to complete this assignment. This assignment is worth 4 stars.

Title Design


I was not aware as to how much work, time, and thought have to go into title design for movies and TV shows. After reading the two articles and watching the short video on title design I have to give a lot more credit to the people who create them. There is a lot that go into the process of title design and a lot of pressure as well. The title of any movie or TV show is there to pull or evoke the emotion of the viewer, drawing them in wanting to watch and know what is going to happen after the credits go away from the screen. Using bold or big fonts are usually used to have more power and draw more attention to the viewer. All the small things that surround the title can make or break the title…. all the little things add up and allow for more of an attraction surrounding the title. The new hit series on Netflix, Stranger Things, has caught the attention of many frequent Netflix users including myself. Many viewers have becoming fascinated with the opening titles… and the font that is used within them. They use typography… making the title appealing to the viewers eye. The title appears after the credits go away…. the letters glow like red neon bars of a motel sign. Using this type of font not just for movie titles but even food titles could allow for more people to look and even purchase food based on how the title is presented. The appearance and first glance of a title pulls people in… I won’t lie I was a little skeptical when going about watching Stranger Things, but once the title appeared on the screen I was instantly hooked.. I just had to know what was going to happen and the title still continues to pull me in even after being on the 6th episode.

Week 4!!

Week 4 Complete!!

Always such fun when exploring new ways on how storytelling fits into our daily digital lives. This week we experienced with audio storytelling and I had a lot of fun using a bunch of different tools. I had a little trouble with downloading Audacity which made it hard going about this weeks assignments. Other than a little trouble going about these assignments it was a lot of fun listening and learning how much audio does for movies and storytelling in general.

Audio Storytelling

After this week it was made very clear to me how much of an impact the audio or background sounds have on movies and the show business. The audio brings the emotion and extra information to what is going on in the story or scene. Without the audio the audience wouldn’t be as hooked or focused on what is going on.


 “ds106 radio” and “Moon Graffiti” were great examples as to how much impact the background audio has on the story or audio being told. While listening to both of these audios I was able to imagine/picture the story being told, as if I was watching it for myself or even a part of what was going on. As an important or suspenseful scene was about to occur you could feel the build up of the music, encouraging you to be on the edge of your seat waiting to see what is going to happen next.

Daily Creates

This weeks daily creates were a lot of fun as usual… I like these because it gives me the ability to use a social media site (twitter) to use images to tell stories and create new ideas. Below I have attached the link to the three daily creates I completed this week.

Radio Bumper

I had a lot of cool and fun ideas for this assignment but again it was hard to record myself with sound effects without audacity. It still was a lot of fun creating and learning what goes into making a radio bumper.

Audio Assignments

This week I completed 12 stars worth of audio assignments, it was a little difficult for me to complete these assignments since audacity wouldn’t download onto my computer. But I was able to use iMovie and soundcloud to help create and share my work. I had a lot of fun with these assignments but would of been nice to have audacity help me out.

Radio Show Ideas

This week we began to brainstorm ideas for our 20-30 minute radio show we will be getting into next week. I find this very exciting and can’t wait to finally do a group assignment for this class! When I was thinking about ideas for this assignment I thought of having some fun with it. Creating a radio station that is informative but also can get a good laugh out of, which is what we all need. I blogged a couple of my ideas in a post before and hope I am able to find others with the same ideas to have a fun group project with.

Radio Bumper

For this assignment we were to create a 10-30 second radio bumper that announces a radio station. It usually plays between songs to allow the listener to know what radio station they are tuned into. I used soundcloud for this assignment due to audacity not being able to download onto my computer. I had to use my phone for intro music but it still was close to how I wanted my radio bumper to turn out like. I have attached below the link to my radio bumper via soundcloud.

Radio Bumper

audio assignments

“sound effect story”

For this assignment I used iMovie to create a “story” using five sound effects. On the iMovie application there are a list of many sound effects to chose from so I didn’t have to use to create my story. I had a little trouble getting my sounds to upload to soundcloud, but I am sure to be more aware as to how to use soundcloud very soon. Below I have attached my sound effect story, I had a lot of fun creating this. This assignment is worth 3 1/2 stars ….

“music mash”

To create this assignment I, once again, used iMovie to be able to blend two songs together to make a ‘music mash’ of a sense. I wasn’t able to download the file to soundcloud but I will provide a copy of what I did to this post. I used “Don’t” by Ed Sherran, and “Should of said No” by Taylor Swift in my music mashup. This was a lot more difficult than I expected it to me. Also the inability to upload to soundcloud didn’t help either. This assignment is worth 4 stars and is attached below.

 “what a song means to you’

For this assignment we were to find a song that means a lot of us and have the song play with an audio of why it means so much to you. Due to audacity not working I had to use soundcloud for this assignment and was able to have the music and audio together so I uploaded them separate. Mean by Taylor Swift means a lot and is a song for anyone who is being bullied or going through a hard time to know that you can do or be anything you want in life and one mean person can’t tare you down.

This assignment was worth 3 1/2 stars!

Radio Show Ideas

Here are some ideas I have the for the 20-30 minute radio show.

Based on the class:

  • origin and history of the use of the internet
  • how essential is it the internet for life
  • is it an advantage or disadvantage for children’s learning when presented with the internet at a young age
  • how little privacy we have while using the internet

Other fun radio show topic ideas:

  • movie reviews
  • relationship advise
  • dating advise
  • latest sports/ celebrity news and updates
  • tips to surviving college

Shhh and listen

“Moon Graffiti”

I really enjoyed listening to the “Moon Graffiti” audio. I thought it was very interesting to hear what actually happened during their time on the moon. The audio begins with sounds of space and radio communication automatically picturing NASA and all those people watching and communicating to the men on the moon. Throughout the whole audio the tone and audio changes due to what is going on. When something bad or not planned occurs the audio gets louder and sounds of alarms and crashes behind to be heard. This allows you to picture that something bad is occurring and I was able to almost picture what was happening in my head, as if I was watching it on TV.   When the narrator would talk there would be no background sounds, just the narrators voice would be heard allowing you to indicate that this is a serious topic he is speaking about and allows you to focus solely on what he is saying. This audio was done very well because I was able to picture every action that happened almost like I was there watching it for myself.

Audio Storytelling

I believe audio plays a huge role in the movie and television industry. The music or background sounds is used to tell you how to feel about a scene. Every time I watch a romantic or drama filled love story I end up crying… this is mainly due to the sad music that plays in the background when a tragedy strikes because it is telling you that this is the part you are suppose to be sad at.. or if you are like me… cry at. This is the same when watching horror movies, when the creepy man jumps out we don’t just jump or scream due to his action but the loud background sound that plays at that exact moment. The audio in movies bring emotion and more description to a scene in a movie… keeping the audience engaged and attached to what is going on.

The last scene of the movie, The Notebook, honestly gets me crying every time. The music in the background is soft and smooth allowing you to feel calm but able to feel your emotions and become more engaged in the scene itself. (almost started crying watching it)