“A logic named Joe”

This article was published in the 1940’s… before Steve Jobs became as big as he is today… and before the use of internet became such an important part to everyone’s life. The author envisions a time where each home will be equip with a ‘logic’ device that is in sense a reference/ entertainment box. This ‘logic’ device begins to take over peoples lives… they begin to use it on a daily basis and for things like who their spouse is sleeping with or who is binge drinking. The information that is at their fingertips begins to take over their life and needed to be shut off. As ‘logic’ goes offline, the information that was once at their fingertips is hidden from humanity and order is restored to the people.

The author knew that once the human race would be able to gain such knowledge at their grasp, it would be detrimental. As of today … every household has some type of ‘logic’ or web device, that relays information to what they require to know. Cellphones are never more than a grasp away, and people are constantly on them checking to see what new ideas or events are going on in the world. I find the relationship of the vision of the author and reality of modern internet/technology to be exactly right. Technology has taken over our life and it may not be a terrible thing, but we now have changed the way we live because of it. The only thing I believe is wrong… is that if the internet were to be shut off people would not know how to go on with their life.

web 2.0 storytelling has changed the way we ‘web’

I believe that web 2.0 is a new means of story telling… before, web 1.0 was made of static web pages that would go from one computer.. to the internet… to a web server. There would be no interaction between other databases or users and, no way for others to comment or change/add to their web pages. Web 2.0 has become more dynamic /user-generated and has led to the explosion of social media use. Now people are able to put out their ideas and share with people all around the world. Also others are able to comment, add, and share stories that are posted on the web. The creation of social media is a different form of storytelling because it is more personal and is a ‘right now’ situation. On all social media outlets people post what  is currently happening in their life and is forever changing from one thing to the next.

‘Digital’ storytelling is a faster and more effective way to share and create stories for many to read and comment on. It is more personal than non digital storytelling because people are able to share their life .. or fictional life to millions of people who on the web. I believe digital storytelling gives people a new, faster, and more effective way to express their opinions/ stories to the world around them.

Weekly Summary

I have had a great time this first week exploring and creating new views on the internet and also, learning about the world of blogging. This week had helped to to create a new way of thinking and going about using the internet. The article, A Domain of one’s own in a post-ownership society, opened my eyes to the how little ownership we have or thought we had over our internet use. Thinking about it now we have little to no ownership over all our processions in general and, it’s a little scary to think about. After reading the article I feel weird posting something on twitter knowing someone is getting paid for my ideas, or posts I put on the internet. As I said in my last post, the internet means a lot to me….. but after this week its hard for me to feel like I have my own space or room to express/create ideas. I never knew how to blog or even go about making a blog before this week. Now that I have one, I really enjoy writing my thoughts on topics out there and getting feedback from people who may feel the same or even different than I do…  This week I have learned so much than I expected I was going to about the internet. I thought creating and going about making a blog was a lot harder that it seemed to be. Mostly because my computer is slow… but also because I’ve never done anything like this before. Thinking about a domain name for my blog was probably the hardest part this week for me… at first I blanked on names that I could use but once I found one it was already taken… I really enjoyed writing my own ideas about the articles I read and, creating new social media that I didn’t have before such as.. Vimeo, Soundcloud, and Flickr. All and all I had a lot of fun this first week and really going to enjoy this course.

The Internet

I am constantly using the web/internet. The first thing I do in the morning is either check my snapchat or facebook, and I continue to look at my social media accounts throughout the day. I would say the internet means a lot to me. It has become part of my life and if I am separated from it I wouldn’t know what I would do. Thinking about it now…. it is really sad how much I am connected to the internet. I have panic attacks when I lose or misplace my phone and for why…..? Mostly because I don’t want to miss out on anything… especially a text or even if something big hits the internet.


  1. How do we have enough space or storage to store all the information that is being put out onto the internet everyday.?
  2. With millions and millions of internet users constantly posting and tweeting all at the same time… How does the internet server not crash or overheat?

Show Your Work

I found his message to be inspiring in a sense. All the points that he made can be used not only with creating a project, but in life in general. Throughout the book I began to agree with every single one of the points the author made. To me, all of the points seemed very significant and helpful for people going about a project, and expressing your private work to the world. The two points that I found the most significant were, #8 “Learn to take a punch,” and #10 “Stick around.” The point made from “Learn to take a punch” is to never let what other people think or say about your work affect you or what you feel about your project. As Taylor Swift said, “haters gonna hate” …. but just do what she does and Shake it Off… (haha get it). One of my favorite points, “Stick around”, means to never give up or quit on your project. You always have to allow yourself room to succeed, and things may not go your way at first, but if you wait and have faith good things will come your way.