Title Design


I was not aware as to how much work, time, and thought have to go into title design for movies and TV shows. After reading the two articles and watching the short video on title design I have to give a lot more credit to the people who create them. There is a lot that go into the process of title design and a lot of pressure as well. The title of any movie or TV show is there to pull or evoke the emotion of the viewer, drawing them in wanting to watch and know what is going to happen after the credits go away from the screen. Using bold or big fonts are usually used to have more power and draw more attention to the viewer. All the small things that surround the title can make or break the title…. all the little things add up and allow for more of an attraction surrounding the title. The new hit series on Netflix,¬†Stranger Things, has caught the attention of many frequent Netflix users including myself. Many viewers have becoming fascinated with the opening titles… and the font that is used within them. They use typography… making the title appealing to the viewers eye. The title appears after the credits go away…. the letters glow like red neon bars of a motel sign. Using this type of font not just for movie titles but even food titles could allow for more people to look and even purchase food based on how the title is presented. The appearance and first glance of a title pulls people in… I won’t lie I was a little skeptical when going about watching¬†Stranger Things,¬†but once the title appeared on the screen I was instantly hooked.. I just had to know what was going to happen and the title still continues to pull me in even after being on the 6th episode.