Final Project

My College Experience

Presented Across Four Different Categories Of Media.





College Experience Poem

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Weekly Summary!!!!

The story I am presenting across four different categories of media, (writing, visual, audio, and video) is the story of my college experience the past two years here at UMW. I chose this story because I feel that the transition that I have made here at UMW has impacted my life in may ways and has changed me for the better. I used iMovie to create most of my final project. I have gotten to learn a lot about iMovie and are able to help my friends use it with their final projects as well.


I used iMovie to create my representation of my college experience… I took videos or snapchats that I have saved throughout my college experience and placed them together in occurrence order to show my favorite memories recored from college. I didn’t want to add background music to it because it made it hard to hear the individual videos them self.  Looking at these videos it is very obvious to see that I have had a lot of memories that I will keep with me forever.


I struggled with how to represent my story of my college experience using audio… I didn’t want to just talk by myself because that didn’t seem very creative. So after brainstorming I finally decided to have my friends send me voice memos from their iPhone of their favorite college memory with me. Once they sent their voice memos to me I downloaded them to iMovie and put them all together to form one huge iMovie of different friends speaking about their favorite memory with me. The Audio portion was hard to make creative because there isn’t much room to add background because then you won’t be able to hear what each person is saying. It was very sweet to have my friends send in very nice and thoughtful memories of their college experience with me.


This part was my favorite. To show a visual portion of my college experience story I put together and iMovie of my favorite pictures from my first two years of college. Watching this made tears almost form in my eyes because of how much meaning each and everyone of these pictures mean to me. Each one represent a different story or memory I will cherish from college. The background song I choose is “Heres to never growing up” by Avril Lavine. Every time I hear this song play it automatically makes me think of the great times Ive had here at UMW so far.


For this portion I decided to write an acrostic poem to represent my college experience. I had to write in google docs because my word wasn’t working. Then from google docs I downloaded it to my computer in a pdf so thats why the format of the link to my poem is a little funky. I learned how to create an acrostic poem from this class actually. One week we had to create one for a Daily Create and I loved doing it so much I thought I would try it for my final project.

Overall I had a fantastic time creating my final project. Using these four different types of media to represent my college experience really opened my eyes to all the great times i’ve had so far at UMW. I even got a little emotional when watching each one of my medias…. All of these memories I have displayed obviously mean a lot to me and I will cherish them forever. I have uploaded the medias to youtube…

Mashup and Remix Assignments

This week we were to complete 12 stars worth of Mashup Assignments and 2 Remix Assignments on the Assignment Bank site.

Mashing Friends and Emojis

For this assignment we were to take a picture of one of our  friends or just a person that is in the moment doing something exactly like an emoji and then mash them together for comparison. For this assignment I had one of my friends pose like one of his most used emoji. I put the two photos next to one another for comparison using Collage Maker. This assignment is worth 4 stars.


A Changing Character 

For this assignment we were to pick any character and follow their progression that they have had … TV or Movie actors/actresses.  We could use video clips to show how the character has changed and grown up over time…. showing the progression of their work. To create this assignment I used iMovie to put the progression and videos of Jennifer Aniston’s career together. I went on Youtube and used a mp4 converter to get the clips onto iMovie. This clip is too long to post onto my blog, but can be viewed on my YouTube page. I will attach the link to the bottom of this post. This assignment is worth 5 stars.
Actor Transformation

For this assignment we were to find a famous person and use clips to show a metamorphous…. a change in their career… on clip at the beginning of their career and one clip at the most recent image. I used iMovie to create this assignment… I also converted the two clips from YouTube using a mp4 converter tool. I used Miley Cyrus’ career for this assignment because I believe her career has changed so much from the beginning till now. This assignment is worth 3 stars.


“Stache it” 

For this remix card.. there was a urban dictionary definiton of a mustache and says to add a mustache to something that is something you care a lot about… I care a lot about dogs and this image looked perfect for this Remix.



For this remix card we were to use the assignment itself… making a collage of your favorite animal… and turn it into a advertisement for ds106 radio. I used Collage Maker for this assignment and added dogs as my favorite animal and a image of the ds106 radio station poster in a collage.



making movies…

This week we were to do 12 stars worth of video assignments from the ds106 assignment bank… focusing on not the technical part of making movies but more of the storytelling aspect behind what the videos are conveying.

Signing words

This assignment was worth 4 stars and asked to take a video of myself or someone else and finger spell a word using sign language. The word has to be more than 5 letters so viewers are more able to guess what the word is…. For this assignment I used iMovie to create this video. My friend was around and he knows sign language so I asked him to do sign language for me. The word that he spells is “kneading” we chose this word because he is actually kneading dough during the video…. I used the recording tool on  iMovie to create the recording of him doing sign language. I added music from my iTunes to the background and added a beginning and ending title as well.

College Snapshot

This assignment was worth 4 stars as well… and we were to add photos from the most memorable from the past years in college. The video needed to be longer than 2 minutes and the photos should tell a story of the past years in college. For this assignment I used iMovie to create my life in the past 2 years of being in college. The photos are placed in chronicle order, in a sense telling a story of how my life has been these past 2 years. I added a beginning and end title as well as added one of my favorite songs that reminds me of my college memories in the background. I had a lot of fun creating this assignment because it allowed me to look back on some great memories that I will never forget with some of my favorite people.

Special Person Montage 

For my final assignment we were to put together a video montage of someone of great importance in our life. Adding pictures that show/describe all the ways they are important to us. My best friend Lindsey is someone who means the world to me… she has always been there for me on a consistent basis and I wouldn’t know what I would do without such a wonderful person in my life. I used iMovie to create this assignment, adding photos of my favorite moments shared with Lindsey…. I added “Heres to never growing up” as the background music because it is my favorite song and always reminds me of the fun times Lindsey and I have. This assignment is worth 5 stars..(:

Show Your Work

I found his message to be inspiring in a sense. All the points that he made can be used not only with creating a project, but in life in general. Throughout the book I began to agree with every single one of the points the author made. To me, all of the points seemed very significant and helpful for people going about a project, and expressing your private work to the world. The two points that I found the most significant were, #8 “Learn to take a punch,” and #10 “Stick around.” The point made from “Learn to take a punch” is to never let what other people think or say about your work affect you or what you feel about your project. As Taylor Swift said, “haters gonna hate” …. but just do what she does and Shake it Off… (haha get it). One of my favorite points, “Stick around”, means to never give up or quit on your project. You always have to allow yourself room to succeed, and things may not go your way at first, but if you wait and have faith good things will come your way.