Mashup and Remix Assignments

This week we were to complete 12 stars worth of Mashup Assignments and 2 Remix Assignments on the Assignment Bank site.

Mashing Friends and Emojis

For this assignment we were to take a picture of one of our  friends or just a person that is in the moment doing something exactly like an emoji and then mash them together for comparison. For this assignment I had one of my friends pose like one of his most used emoji. I put the two photos next to one another for comparison using Collage Maker. This assignment is worth 4 stars.


A Changing Character 

For this assignment we were to pick any character and follow their progression that they have had … TV or Movie actors/actresses.  We could use video clips to show how the character has changed and grown up over time…. showing the progression of their work. To create this assignment I used iMovie to put the progression and videos of Jennifer Aniston’s career together. I went on Youtube and used a mp4 converter to get the clips onto iMovie. This clip is too long to post onto my blog, but can be viewed on my YouTube page. I will attach the link to the bottom of this post. This assignment is worth 5 stars.
Actor Transformation

For this assignment we were to find a famous person and use clips to show a metamorphous…. a change in their career… on clip at the beginning of their career and one clip at the most recent image. I used iMovie to create this assignment… I also converted the two clips from YouTube using a mp4 converter tool. I used Miley Cyrus’ career for this assignment because I believe her career has changed so much from the beginning till now. This assignment is worth 3 stars.


“Stache it” 

For this remix card.. there was a urban dictionary definiton of a mustache and says to add a mustache to something that is something you care a lot about… I care a lot about dogs and this image looked perfect for this Remix.



For this remix card we were to use the assignment itself… making a collage of your favorite animal… and turn it into a advertisement for ds106 radio. I used Collage Maker for this assignment and added dogs as my favorite animal and a image of the ds106 radio station poster in a collage.