I love taking photos… If you follow any of my social media accounts you would know how much pictures I post on a daily basis. Every time my friends and myself go out to do anything there is always either a group photo being taken, a selfie, and always a snapchat. While I am on vacation, I love to take pictures of the sunrise, beach, and all the cool/fun things we do. To be honest, my intention when going about taking a photo is to post this photo on my social media. This usually means I go about it knowing people will see it later, if its a selfie or group photo it will probably end up on instagram or facebook. If its a scenic or photo of what I am currently doing it goes on my snapchat.

Before I had a lot of social media accounts, I loved taking pictures just for fun. My mom bought me a really nice cannon camera for christmas and I began taking photos of everything that was in my sight. I fell in love with the power of being able to capture a moment or sight, and have it in the palm of my hand forever. My love for taking photos for just myself quickly diminished once I grew to my obsession with social media.

After reading those three articles, I have learned plenty of new tactics and a whole new approach when going about taking a photo. The ones that stuck with me were when going about taking a photo I will try to tell or promote a question of a story from the photo. Also I will try to use different angles and capture more of the background of photos to tell a deeper story. All and all I have learned that a photo is so much more than something to just post online, but a way of telling stories.

Becoming Better Photographers

  • Selection- The photographer showed how picky and selective he was when taking this photo based on the timing of the sunset and glare it gave to the image.
  • Contrast- There ¬†are many colors in this photo, mostly coming from the sunset shinning down, showing the authors patience.
  • Perspective- This point of view of the photo shows the sunrising and a early morning feeling.
  • Depth- As you can see the photographer used a 2d image lens.
  • Balance- The photographer expresses and captures the early morning feeling and sunrise in this beautiful photo.
  • Moment- The author captured a great moment and anticipated the sunrise.
  • Lighting- The light in this photo expresses and brightens all the other colors captured.
  • Foreground/background- This photo is very open and is not clustered but gives a lot of depth into the background almost creating another image.