Radio Show Process #2

DS106 talkshow

After our group meeting on Sunday we all decided the order in which we were planning to put our radio talkshow together. We also discussed and decided what each of us were going to talk about for each of our 5 minute segments for the radio show. We decided to add trivia questions to the end of each of our segments to make the radioshow more realistic. On Tuesday we met for a second time to complete our 3 radio show commercials and 3 radio bumpers. To create our 3 radio bumpers and  3 commercials we used soundcloud to record each of them.  Most of our group already had their segments done and after our meeting all we needed to do was get everyones segment in and just put the radioshow together.

For my 5 minute segment of the radioshow, I talked about how different our lives would be without the use of the internet. I spoke about examples of our life without internet but also ended with how much the internet has changed our life. To create my 5 minute segment I used soundcloud to record myself talking. I had a lot of trouble talking for 5 straight minutes without messing up. It actually made me very nervous to talk for the 5 minutes but it was a lot of fun to do this assignment. My group was a lot of fun to complete this assignment with, they were all on top of their work and made this a lot of fun.