The Internet

I am constantly using the web/internet. The first thing I do in the morning is either check my snapchat or facebook, and I continue to look at my social media accounts throughout the day. I would say the internet means a lot to me. It has become part of my life and if I am separated from it I wouldn’t know what I would do. Thinking about it now…. it is really sad how much I am connected to the internet. I have panic attacks when I lose or misplace my phone and for why…..? Mostly because I don’t want to miss out on anything… especially a text or even if something big hits the internet.


  1. How do we have enough space or storage to store all the information that is being put out onto the internet everyday.?
  2. With millions and millions of internet users constantly posting and tweeting all at the same time… How does the internet server not crash or overheat?