audio assignments

“sound effect story”

For this assignment I used iMovie to create a “story” using five sound effects. On the iMovie application there are a list of many sound effects to chose from so I didn’t have to use to create my story. I had a little trouble getting my sounds to upload to soundcloud, but I am sure to be more aware as to how to use soundcloud very soon. Below I have attached my sound effect story, I had a lot of fun creating this. This assignment is worth 3 1/2 stars ….

“music mash”

To create this assignment I, once again, used iMovie to be able to blend two songs together to make a ‘music mash’ of a sense. I wasn’t able to download the file to soundcloud but I will provide a copy of what I did to this post. I used “Don’t” by Ed Sherran, and “Should of said No” by Taylor Swift in my music mashup. This was a lot more difficult than I expected it to me. Also the inability to upload to soundcloud didn’t help either. This assignment is worth 4 stars and is attached below.

 “what a song means to you’

For this assignment we were to find a song that means a lot of us and have the song play with an audio of why it means so much to you. Due to audacity not working I had to use soundcloud for this assignment and was able to have the music and audio together so I uploaded them separate. Mean by Taylor Swift means a lot and is a song for anyone who is being bullied or going through a hard time to know that you can do or be anything you want in life and one mean person can’t tare you down.

This assignment was worth 3 1/2 stars!

Lady Ballers

My 3rd and final Visual Assignment for this week is worth 3 stars, and I was to create a collage like the one used in the title for the show, The Brady Bunch. For my collage I asked my fellow teammates to send me selfies of them looking different directions as seen in The Brady Bunch collage. I chose my teammates for this project because we all are kinda of like The Brady Bunch, we are with one another almost everyday, have complete different personalities, and act life we are a family. So basically you can say……. We’re the real life Brady Bunch!!! befunky-collage

Love at first SHOT

keep-the-love-alive…. After a tough 5 years of ups and downs Brittany and Todd make it to the night before their wedding. They have it all planned to be held in Hawaii with their closest family and friends. The anticipation of getting married has been killing them and all the jitters and cold feet are beginning to set in…. They both try to stay away from each other on their wedding night but they needed to see each other. There was just something they both felt at the same exact moment and once they snuck out of their hotel they walked to the beach and found one another waiting… As they walked along the beach the sun began to set and Todd pulled Brittany in close and said to her, “I have been waiting for this moment my whole life, you are my everything and I can’t wait until I get to spend the rest of my life with you.”

This visual assignment is worth 3 stars and was actually a lot of fun to take a photo and write a story about it… I believe this shows how much a picture can get us to think and create new ideas.

Fan Fiction Picture…. Gilmore Girls Style

One of my favorite shows of all time is Gilmore Girls… I was obsessed with this show from the first episode and have re-watched the whole series about 3 times now…. if you can’t tell I’m obsessed. For those of you who don’t know what Gilmore Girls is… we can’t be friends… but this mother and daughter who have a very close relationship almost like they are best friends and all the drama they go to together but always knowing they have each other to turn to. I was really attracted to this show because of that mother-daughter, best friend relationship because I see that in my relationship with my mother. My mom is my best friend… I tell her everything and when I am at my worst I just know that she will always be there to pick me back up. If you can’t tell from the picture itself …. I love my mom and so glad I can call her my best friend.



AS IF!!!

You know when there’s that one boy that just won’t quick trying to make you go out with him…. yeah… well this is what Ashley felt everyday of highschool… Ashely is a senior at James Monroe Highschool in a small town right outside Dallas, Tx. Ever since the freshmen year this one boy named Tyler James has been in love with her. Tyler and Ashley used to be close friends and did everything together until one day Tyler asked Ashley to be his girlfriend and she just wasn’t ready to be in a relationship…  this broke his heart. After she said no, Tyler ignored and pretended to never know who Ashley even was… until the end of sophomore year where his anger/sadness turned into obsession… He began to tell people they were dating and would follow Ashley around like they were attached at the hip.. Ashley was a nice girl and didn’t want to hurt Tyler because she knew how fragile he was.. She let the rumors go and just tried to ignore Tyler… Senior year came along and she just needed a break.. One morning before the first bell Ashley was about to walk into class where she saw a huge crowd of people holding up balloons that said, “Ashley will you be my girlfriend?” Ashley began to boil in fury… she didn’t know what this feeling was but it was consuming her whole body..  and without even knowing what she was saying she yelled out.. “AS IF!!!!” in front of the whole school… Everyone went silent.. and Tyler dropped the flowers he had for her and walked away… From that point on Ashley hadn’t seen or heard from Tyler and hopefully never will…


For my second Assignment Bank assessment I chose D6106 Reacts .. worth 4 starts. I had a lot of fun writing this story… once I began typing my fingers just wouldn’t stop. I love the movie ‘Clueless’ and at first I wasn’t planning on going this route in my story but my imagination just took me this way and I had a lot of fun doing it.

Hopes… Dreams… and Fears… Dear 10 year older me….

For my first assignment I chose to write a letter to myself 10 years from now… here is the link: 

Dear Courtney,

As of now you will be 29 and hopefully doing just fine….. I imagine that you have moved to Texas (one of your favorite states) and followed through with going to nursing school. I just know that it brings you great joy going into work everyday and seeing the smiles on faces you have helped to get better. Knowing you…. I bet you have a cute puppy that is so spoiled and loved most people think its your child…. if you haven’t named it yet… it should be called ‘max or roxy’ ….. I hope your home or apt is filled with all things that are so you… like millions of clothes and decor that are not needed but somehow fit in every space perfectly. By now I bet we texted back the guy that got away… and made sure to never let him go again… because it doesn’t matter how much pride you have we both know that he is perfect even if we pretend he’s not. Since you would be with him right after you graduate nursing school, you should have kids by now!!! Also… naming them ‘brooke or luke’ because we told ourself that one tree hill will always be in our hearts and so will brooke and lucas… I just know that you are a great mom… and make sure that even though you have long shifts you still make time for your family… Please make sure you keep in touch with mom and dad you know how clingy they are …. especially mom.. never forget what they have done for you and make sure you do the same for your children….

If everything I have said doesn’t happen just know I am not disappointed in you… I just know whatever you are doing at 29, you are happy and living a life the way you want to live it….

Love 19 year old Courtney …..



I just know that you are happy and continue to do only