web 2.0 storytelling has changed the way we ‘web’

I believe that web 2.0 is a new means of story telling… before, web 1.0 was made of static web pages that would go from one computer.. to the internet… to a web server. There would be no interaction between other databases or users and, no way for others to comment or change/add to their web pages. Web 2.0 has become more dynamic /user-generated and has led to the explosion of social media use. Now people are able to put out their ideas and share with people all around the world. Also others are able to comment, add, and share stories that are posted on the web. The creation of social media is a different form of storytelling because it is more personal and is a ‘right now’ situation. On all social media outlets people post what ┬áis currently happening in their life and is forever changing from one thing to the next.

‘Digital’ storytelling is a faster and more effective way to share and create stories for many to read and comment on. It is more personal than non digital storytelling because people are able to share their life .. or fictional life to millions of people who on the web. I believe digital storytelling gives people a new, faster, and more effective way to express their opinions/ stories to the world around them.