web assignments week #8

This week we were to complete 8 stars worth of web assignments.

The first assignment I completed was worth 4 stars …. called “Create your own bedroom”. To complete this assignment I used Pinterest and pinned a bunch of pictures and ideas of an ideal room I would dream of having. I’ve always wanted a large bed with huge pillow and comfy headboard. I dream of having a walk in closest filled to the brim with shoes and clothes that I would never be able to get to wear. I added pictures of my ideal makeup table with large lights and plenty of room to fill with all of my makeup and essentials. I am obsessed will wall decor so there would be many of things hanging on my walls and I am especially obsessed with the hanging jewelry. I had fun creating my future bedroom and will post the link to my Pinterest below.


The second assignment I completed is also worth 4 stars… called “Socialize your media” . For this assignment I was to create social media accounts for a character of my choice…. I chose Sponge Bob as my character because I loved watching Spongebob Squarepants growing up and still continue to watch this show even today. He has had a great impact on my childhood and idk what I would do without his show. I created a twitter and yahoo account for spongebob. I tried to make a facebook for Spongebob but because he is a famous person. I will attach the links to both the email and twitter below.