Final Project

My College Experience

Presented Across Four Different Categories Of Media.





College Experience Poem

 (click on the link above to view)

Weekly Summary!!!!

The story I am presenting across four different categories of media, (writing, visual, audio, and video) is the story of my college experience the past two years here at UMW. I chose this story because I feel that the transition that I have made here at UMW has impacted my life in may ways and has changed me for the better. I used iMovie to create most of my final project. I have gotten to learn a lot about iMovie and are able to help my friends use it with their final projects as well.


I used iMovie to create my representation of my college experience… I took videos or snapchats that I have saved throughout my college experience and placed them together in occurrence order to show my favorite memories recored from college. I didn’t want to add background music to it because it made it hard to hear the individual videos them self.  Looking at these videos it is very obvious to see that I have had a lot of memories that I will keep with me forever.


I struggled with how to represent my story of my college experience using audio… I didn’t want to just talk by myself because that didn’t seem very creative. So after brainstorming I finally decided to have my friends send me voice memos from their iPhone of their favorite college memory with me. Once they sent their voice memos to me I downloaded them to iMovie and put them all together to form one huge iMovie of different friends speaking about their favorite memory with me. The Audio portion was hard to make creative because there isn’t much room to add background because then you won’t be able to hear what each person is saying. It was very sweet to have my friends send in very nice and thoughtful memories of their college experience with me.


This part was my favorite. To show a visual portion of my college experience story I put together and iMovie of my favorite pictures from my first two years of college. Watching this made tears almost form in my eyes because of how much meaning each and everyone of these pictures mean to me. Each one represent a different story or memory I will cherish from college. The background song I choose is “Heres to never growing up” by Avril Lavine. Every time I hear this song play it automatically makes me think of the great times Ive had here at UMW so far.


For this portion I decided to write an acrostic poem to represent my college experience. I had to write in google docs because my word wasn’t working. Then from google docs I downloaded it to my computer in a pdf so thats why the format of the link to my poem is a little funky. I learned how to create an acrostic poem from this class actually. One week we had to create one for a Daily Create and I loved doing it so much I thought I would try it for my final project.

Overall I had a fantastic time creating my final project. Using these four different types of media to represent my college experience really opened my eyes to all the great times i’ve had so far at UMW. I even got a little emotional when watching each one of my medias…. All of these memories I have displayed obviously mean a lot to me and I will cherish them forever. I have uploaded the medias to youtube…

Second Progress Report

Last week I got a lot of feedback from my fellow ds106 classmates about my final project idea. I have decided to stick with my 2 year college experience so far at UMW because that allows me more room to use the different media outlets. I have started adding photos and videos together from my 2 years here at UMW. I am using iMovie to help create a story with these. I have also gather audio from fellow UMW students on their college experience and how it may differ from others. I need to start my poem that describes my college experience. I should be done with this project very shortly. Reading about my fellow classmates final projects has helped a lot with the ideas from mine. The feedback is also very helpful. Thank you classmates! Can’t wait to see everyone final project!!!

Weekkkkk 11

WOW it’s week 11… how this class has flown by…

This week we got into Remix and Mashups. I learned a lot about the difference between what a Remix and Mashup are actually when referring to creating them.

This week we worked on 12 stars worth of Mashup Assignments… these varied from video clips put together or photos compared to one another. I used iMovie and Collage Maker to complete these assignments. I uploaded the completed assignments to YouTube. We also completed 2 remixes of any assignment on the assignment bank.

Completed two Daily Creates!!!

I had a lot of fun completing these Mashups … I have learned how to work iMovie and now I use it a lot more now. I have also showed a lot of my friends what I have learned and they have been using iMovie a lot more as well.

Can’t wait for next week!!!

WEEK 6!!!!!

Weekly Summary!!!

YAYAY radio talkshow week!!

This week we got together and made a group for our radio talkshows. I was able to find a group fairly easy due to connections on twitter which was awesome!! We weren’t able to start a lot of planning due to miscommunications and busy schedules but we are meeting very soon and can’t wait to get started on this assignment. We decided to have our talkshow based on a topic we discussed throughout this class, what we did before the internet and how much impact the internet has on us. I am very excited to meet with my classmates and begin our talkshow.

I have designed a logo/sticker for our radio talk show, I wasn’t able to upload a design I made to it but my classmate is going to help me with that so we are able to use it for our talkshow. I used pixlr app on my computer to create this logo/sticker.

Audio Assignments:

This week we were to complete 10 stars worth of audio assignments, mostly to help get in gear our talkshow.

For my first audio assignment I completed the “Rhythms with Things” assignment. This was worth 3 stars and I was to create a rhythms with everyday objects… I used a water bottle and spoon… I used soundcloud to record and after I was done I uploaded my recording to my soundcloud page. I will post the link below. This assignment was a lot of fun to create.

The second audio assignment I completed was called “Real Housewives Tagline”. For this assignment I was to create a Tagline for myself I was was to be on of the Real Housewives on the show. If you haven’t seen the show before… When they introduce each housewife there is a 5 second tagline that is something that they either live by or believe to be true when describing their self. It took my awhile to think of one but I was finally able to do so. I recorded and uploaded my recording to soundcloud. I will post the link below. This assignment was worth 3 stars.

For my final audio assignment I completed the “sound of your day” assignment. For this I was to record sounds throughout my day and put them all together. I used iMovie to complete this assignment. I was able to upload my sounds from my phone right onto the iMovie template. Lots of weird sounds in my day but I had fun completing this assignment. This was worth 4 stars and I posted my sounds to soundcloud and will post the link below.

Daily Creates

YAYAY another fun week of completing three new daily creates and posting them via twitter. I really enjoy completing these assignments because it allows for conversation and connection with my other classmates on twitter. This weeks creates were a lot hard to complete than usual but I was still able to get them done. I met my talkshow group member from commenting on her daily create from last week so thats super exciting!! I will post the link to my twitter below!!


Week 5!


Another fun week complete!!!

This week we focused on the aspect of digital storytelling using design.

Read and Reflect:

First we read; The Vighelli canon, Stranger things article, and watched a video on title design. I was very impressed by reading these articles as well as watching the video. I did not know how much time and work go into the beginning few seconds of any movie or TV show. I know that a cover and I guess  movie title is what draws the viewer in… and can make or break if someone watches the movie. That puts so much pressure on the artist … I can’t even imagine. The ‘Stranger Things’ Netflix original series has caught a lot of buzz and can mainly can be do to the great work by the artist who created the title for this series. If more food or even day to day things used the kind of typography this title does, it could entitle people to become more interested and buy the product.


For this assignment I walked throughout the HCC and found objects that caught my eye and took photos of them. This assignment allowed me to see that there are so many aspects that have to go into sign making… it needs to not only convey a message but also allow enough interest for the reader to understand the message and want to read what is says. I posted the images used to


Show Your Work:

For this assignment we were to read two more chapter of Show your work: Think Process, Not product… and…. Share something small everyday.

These chapters gave more of in insight as to how to grab the readers attention and form a relationship with your viewers but not just sharing the final product but the work or process that went into it. The process is what means the most to us because it is what we put the most of our time and care into. When sharing the process day to day it helps and allows for more feedback, also being able to help get to the final product a lot faster than without feedback.

Daily Creates:

 This week we posted three daily creates to twitter. I really enjoy doing these creates this week because it gets me away from my daily social media/twitter posts.

Design Assignments:

This week we were to complete 12 stars worth of design assignments. For these assignments I made a bumper sticker for my car and a business logo  using It was hard to embed photos with these assignments using pixlr but I was still about to create and design two very fun assignments. For my last assignment I took the word ‘Motivation’ and gave it a creative spin to it.

Week 4!!

Week 4 Complete!!

Always such fun when exploring new ways on how storytelling fits into our daily digital lives. This week we experienced with audio storytelling and I had a lot of fun using a bunch of different tools. I had a little trouble with downloading Audacity which made it hard going about this weeks assignments. Other than a little trouble going about these assignments it was a lot of fun listening and learning how much audio does for movies and storytelling in general.

Audio Storytelling

After this week it was made very clear to me how much of an impact the audio or background sounds have on movies and the show business. The audio brings the emotion and extra information to what is going on in the story or scene. Without the audio the audience wouldn’t be as hooked or focused on what is going on.


 “ds106 radio” and “Moon Graffiti” were great examples as to how much impact the background audio has on the story or audio being told. While listening to both of these audios I was able to imagine/picture the story being told, as if I was watching it for myself or even a part of what was going on. As an important or suspenseful scene was about to occur you could feel the build up of the music, encouraging you to be on the edge of your seat waiting to see what is going to happen next.

Daily Creates

This weeks daily creates were a lot of fun as usual… I like these because it gives me the ability to use a social media site (twitter) to use images to tell stories and create new ideas. Below I have attached the link to the three daily creates I completed this week.

Radio Bumper

I had a lot of cool and fun ideas for this assignment but again it was hard to record myself with sound effects without audacity. It still was a lot of fun creating and learning what goes into making a radio bumper.

Audio Assignments

This week I completed 12 stars worth of audio assignments, it was a little difficult for me to complete these assignments since audacity wouldn’t download onto my computer. But I was able to use iMovie and soundcloud to help create and share my work. I had a lot of fun with these assignments but would of been nice to have audacity help me out.

Radio Show Ideas

This week we began to brainstorm ideas for our 20-30 minute radio show we will be getting into next week. I find this very exciting and can’t wait to finally do a group assignment for this class! When I was thinking about ideas for this assignment I thought of having some fun with it. Creating a radio station that is informative but also can get a good laugh out of, which is what we all need. I blogged a couple of my ideas in a post before and hope I am able to find others with the same ideas to have a fun group project with.

WEEK 3!!!

YAYAYA week 3 finally complete!! I really liked going into the photography side of storytelling… After reading, Becoming a Better Photographer, I am more aware of how much a photo can show a viewer. I also learned how to change my perspective on taking pictures and going into more depth/ adding more details from either changing the angle or lighting in a photo.

Visual Assignments….

I had a lot of fun with doing these photography based visual assignments this week. It did take a little longer than usual to create these photos/ writing stories about photos but all and all I really enjoyed it.

Daily Creates…

I have attached the three daily creates below, I always have fun doing these and a lot of people had very cool responses this week.

20 Minute Photoblitz…

This assignment was actually a lot more fun than I thought it was going to be. I ran around the ITCC trying the find all of these objects and was fun/interesting activity.

…. This week I found my passion for photography again… I really enjoyed learning new perspectives on photography and how to become a better photographer. These assignments were a lot of fun and it was interesting to see everyones stories when being asked what their photography background is….. can’t wait for next weeks assignment!!!!!

yayayay week 2 complete!

This week was filled with a lot of readings but allowed me to, yet again, see a new light in the world of digital storytelling. I had no idea how much of an impact Web 2.0 had on story telling. Web 2.0 changed from static web pages to user friendly content and has eventually lead to the impact of social media. I found the change to be huge for the world itself because where would we be today without it.

“A logic named Joe”

This article actually was very creepy to read because all the points and predictions the author had about todays world of technology is true. He states that we will all have some sort of device in our homes and it will over take our lives. Overall saying that without technology or the web today… todays people will not know how to go one.

The site on ‘How to write up assignments’ was very helpful for me this week when going about these assignments. It helped me lay a format to what I wanted to say but also giving more personal detail and creativity.

Daily Create

I really like doing these Daily Creates… even thou we only have to do three a week it was very fun activity and helped show my creative side.

Assignment Bank

These were a little tricky for me to do… and probably took most of my time doing this week. I think I thought to hard about how to do them but once I realized what I wanted to say it was easy for me to finish and create a story with them.

Another great week of Digital Storytelling and can’t wait for next week assignments!!!

Weekly Summary

I have had a great time this first week exploring and creating new views on the internet and also, learning about the world of blogging. This week had helped to to create a new way of thinking and going about using the internet. The article, A Domain of one’s own in a post-ownership society, opened my eyes to the how little ownership we have or thought we had over our internet use. Thinking about it now we have little to no ownership over all our processions in general and, it’s a little scary to think about. After reading the article I feel weird posting something on twitter knowing someone is getting paid for my ideas, or posts I put on the internet. As I said in my last post, the internet means a lot to me….. but after this week its hard for me to feel like I have my own space or room to express/create ideas. I never knew how to blog or even go about making a blog before this week. Now that I have one, I really enjoy writing my thoughts on topics out there and getting feedback from people who may feel the same or even different than I do…  This week I have learned so much than I expected I was going to about the internet. I thought creating and going about making a blog was a lot harder that it seemed to be. Mostly because my computer is slow… but also because I’ve never done anything like this before. Thinking about a domain name for my blog was probably the hardest part this week for me… at first I blanked on names that I could use but once I found one it was already taken… I really enjoyed writing my own ideas about the articles I read and, creating new social media that I didn’t have before such as.. Vimeo, Soundcloud, and Flickr. All and all I had a lot of fun this first week and really going to enjoy this course.