Final Project Progress

For my final project I will be combining 4 mediums of video, writing, audio, and visual to go about completing this assignment. I will be telling a story about my 2 years of college so far through these mediums.

I was thinking about adding videos of my college life together using iMovie, then writing a poem telling a story of my college life, adding pictures together, and then finally speaking about he most important events that happened.

Combining these 4 mediums may be a little challenging but I will begin to go about this assignment and see how well I will do. If I have any problems I am sure someone in the class will be able to help in finding a solution.

I am exciting to go about this assignment and hope it turns out well.



I am a huge movie fan and the fact we were able to do 2 weeks worth of video based assignments was awesome…. and a lot of fun for me to complete!!

This week our main focus was more on the storytelling aspect of video making… not all the techy stuff…. We complete another week of 12 stars worth of video assignments from the ds106 assignment bank. I had a lot of fun creating these movies and have posted them to my youtube account.. which I will post the link to below….

Daily Creates

This week we created and posted 3 Daily Creates.. I always have fun completing these and this week they were just as fun.

Week 9

Week 9!!!

This week we got into Reading Movies… we transitioned from audio to video and looked at how a movie really comes together using cinematic camerawork.

I started this week by reading Roger Eberts, How to read a movie article and watching videos from Tony Zhous, Every frame a painting  series. There was many points that I was able to take away  from these especially, how much of an impact camera angles have on scenes of movies.

The video essay was the major part of this weeks assignments. For this we were to find one scene from a movie and analyze it by what we learned from the videos and article we watched/read before. I chose a scene from Albert Hitchcocks Notorious. This scene used a lot of what Ebert spoke about in his article and the camera angles were used in such a great way that I would of been able to understand the plot if there wasn’t dialogue in the scene. I used iMovie to create this assignment, even though I had trouble with the voice over I was still able to write my analysis in my blog post under the embedded video. I had a lot of fun creating this assignment and learned a lot about how much camera angles help to tell and read a movie.

This week we had to complete 12 stars worth of video assignments, I created 3 of them that were worth 4 stars each. I had a lot of fun completing these assignments as well…. I used iMovie for all three of them and wrote up a blog post about how I completed these assignments as well as embedded the video. iMovie really helped me out this week when doing all of these assignments.

Daily Creates

I completed 2 daily creates this week and posted them to twitter! Always a good time!


week #8


This week all of the ds106 class’s radio stations aired on the ds106 radio. It was awesome to listen to everyones radio show, I believe everyone did a very great job with this assignment. It definitely was a great experience doing this. I listened to the radio show called, “History 2.0”. Their radio show spoke about news that is flooding social media and creating the most buzz around campus. They spoke about the Trump campaign, the newest heroin scare, and the recent scary clown activities. I thought this group did a great job with their radio show especially their commercials and bumpers.

This week we were to choose three of the best artworks we saw this semester in ds106. I found these artworks by looking back on the ds106 page and was instantly drawn to these blogs. I wrote up a blog post about the three artworks and embedded the media with it.

This week we created 3 Daily creates… I have attached the link to them below. After creating three Daily Creates we were to put them together to create a story:

The “Squad” of my 5 favorite people hung out and created a poem… to which they created because they love to write.. and it was national why do you write day.

Finally we were to create 8 stars worth of Web Assignments… I first created my future bedroom using Pinterest by pinning pictures of what I want my future bedroom to look like. This is worth 4 stars…. the second one I did was also worth 4 stars and I was to create social media  accounts for a character of my choice.

I had a lot of fun this week… I’ve had a virus on my computer so I had a lot of trouble getting the googles/coding practice to work on my computer so I am taking my computer to the ITCC tomorrow to see if they can help me. Other than that this week was fairly easy.