“A logic named Joe”

This article was published in the 1940’s… before Steve Jobs became as big as he is today… and before the use of internet became such an important part to everyone’s life. The author envisions a time where each home will be equip with a ‘logic’ device that is in sense a reference/ entertainment box. This ‘logic’ device begins to take over peoples lives… they begin to use it on a daily basis and for things like who their spouse is sleeping with or who is binge drinking. The information that is at their fingertips begins to take over their life and needed to be shut off. As ‘logic’ goes offline, the information that was once at their fingertips is hidden from humanity and order is restored to the people.

The author knew that once the human race would be able to gain such knowledge at their grasp, it would be detrimental. As of today … every household has some type of ‘logic’ or web device, that relays information to what they require to know. Cellphones are never more than a grasp away, and people are constantly on them checking to see what new ideas or events are going on in the world. I find the relationship of the vision of the author and reality of modern internet/technology to be exactly right. Technology has taken over our life and it may not be a terrible thing, but we now have changed the way we live because of it. The only thing I believe is wrong… is that if the internet were to be shut off people would not know how to go on with their life.

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