audio assignments

“sound effect story”

For this assignment I used iMovie to create a “story” using five sound effects. On the iMovie application there are a list of many sound effects to chose from so I didn’t have to use to create my story. I had a little trouble getting my sounds to upload to soundcloud, but I am sure to be more aware as to how to use soundcloud very soon. Below I have attached my sound effect story, I had a lot of fun creating this. This assignment is worth 3 1/2 stars ….

“music mash”

To create this assignment I, once again, used iMovie to be able to blend two songs together to make a ‘music mash’ of a sense. I wasn’t able to download the file to soundcloud but I will provide a copy of what I did to this post. I used “Don’t” by Ed Sherran, and “Should of said No” by Taylor Swift in my music mashup. This was a lot more difficult than I expected it to me. Also the inability to upload to soundcloud didn’t help either. This assignment is worth 4 stars and is attached below.

 “what a song means to you’

For this assignment we were to find a song that means a lot of us and have the song play with an audio of why it means so much to you. Due to audacity not working I had to use soundcloud for this assignment and was able to have the music and audio together so I uploaded them separate. Mean by Taylor Swift means a lot and is a song for anyone who is being bullied or going through a hard time to know that you can do or be anything you want in life and one mean person can’t tare you down.

This assignment was worth 3 1/2 stars!

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