Best of DS106

I have looked back on our ds106 dashboard, and found what I think are the 3 outstanding works of art.

The first post I found was created by Emily Dzubak, she did created a Daily Create of a snowflake concrete poem. I love winter and obsessed with snowflakes so once I saw this I was automatically drawn to it. She really put together the feeling of winter and seeing the snow falling from the sky in her concrete poem.

The second post I found was created by Mark Madison, he did a design assignment about his long distance relationship. I thought it was really sweet how well he put together four photos that describes his long distance relationship. He put four photos together and placed a quote about love on top of the photos. I really liked what he did and thought it was very sweet.

The final post I found was an audio assignment of a soundcloud recording of speed dating between one person and taylor swift. I’m obsessed with Taylor Swift and loved how they portrayed her in this audio. ¬†They did a very good job at this because it was very funny and had me laughing for a good 5 minutes. I really enjoyed listening to this assignment.

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