Design Assignments

Bumper Sticker 

For this ¬†assignment we were to design/create a bumper sticker that would be placed on our cars. I instantly thought of a what my dad always says when I drive him around “Caution! Aggressive teen driver!” I used to create my bumper sticker. It was very confusing using this site but I was still able to create my bumper sticker with this website. This assignment is worth 4 stars.

. design-assignment

Branding.. Business Logo Design

For this assignment we were to create a business logo for something that is person to ourselves. To create my logo I used again to create what I instantly thought of when creating a fake business. I had a lot of trouble trying to add images to my logo and nothing seemed to work. I got my idea from my friend… we were talking about this assignment and she said she needed a business that helped her learn how to be single and I instantly had to create this business logo. I have attached my logo below and also an image I was wanting to add to the side of it but wasn’t able to do so. This assignment is worth 4 stars.


Word Assignment

For this assignment we were to pick a word and communicate it using a design technique. Visualizing and representing a type of face to depict the meaning of the word. The end game for this assignment is to be able to visualize the word for more than just being a word… but depicting the meaning through the design of the word. I used Word to complete this assignment, I found a design application on word that allowed me to complete this assignment. This assignment is worth 4 stars.

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