Color– The bright and eye catching yellow pulls the viewer in to see what the message this sign is trying to convey. When we think of yellow we think of ‘cation’ or ‘warning’ able to get out attention to what the problem is.

Typography/Dominance: The boldness of the text grabs the viewers eye, it is hard to look away from what the sign says. The CAUTION is in caps which is the first thing the viewers eye goes to. The CAUTION dominates this image because is it what most will view first.

Message: The message is clearly displayed on this object through the letters, but is also presented in the color and the attention of design around the letter.



Color: The black and red color are dominate colors and attract the common eye. The use of these colors gives the attention and interest needed for any type of local business.

Typography: The wording, different fonts, and different sizes of letters pulls the creativity and attraction to the viewer. It makes you not only look but read what the sign is trying to convey.

Unity: All of the different parts of this sign work together to collectively grab the attention of the viewer.

Dominance: ‘BLACKSTONE’ dominates this sign. All of the parts of this sign draw you in, but ‘BLACKSTONE’ is the first thing the viewer will read.



Color- The colors used in this sign work perfectly with the message that is trying to be conveyed. This sign is for recyling and using green (for the planet) and blue (for recyling) it art

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