Final Project Progress

For my final project I will be combining 4 mediums of video, writing, audio, and visual to go about completing this assignment. I will be telling a story about my 2 years of college so far through these mediums.

I was thinking about adding videos of my college life together using iMovie, then writing a poem telling a story of my college life, adding pictures together, and then finally speaking about he most important events that happened.

Combining these 4 mediums may be a little challenging but I will begin to go about this assignment and see how well I will do. If I have any problems I am sure someone in the class will be able to help in finding a solution.

I am exciting to go about this assignment and hope it turns out well.

3 thoughts on “Final Project Progress”

  1. Sounds exciting. You could even if you wanted to recreate your first day on campus in a sense. Perhaps have start out as you being the person being led through a tour and then end with you being the person giving the tour and pointing out the most significant places to you and places that hold special memories for you. Just a thought.

  2. This is a great idea. College life is interesting so I know your story will bring you a lot of audience. Incorporating videos will give your audience a feel of what you talk about. Good luck on it!

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