Hopes… Dreams… and Fears… Dear 10 year older me….

For my first assignment I chose to write a letter to myself 10 years from now… here is the link: 

Dear Courtney,

As of now you will be 29 and hopefully doing just fine….. I imagine that you have moved to Texas (one of your favorite states) and followed through with going to nursing school. I just know that it brings you great joy going into work everyday and seeing the smiles on faces you have helped to get better. Knowing you…. I bet you have a cute puppy that is so spoiled and loved most people think its your child…. if you haven’t named it yet… it should be called ‘max or roxy’ ….. I hope your home or apt is filled with all things that are so you… like millions of clothes and decor that are not needed but somehow fit in every space perfectly. By now I bet we texted back the guy that got away… and made sure to never let him go again… because it doesn’t matter how much pride you have we both know that he is perfect even if we pretend he’s not. Since you would be with him right after you graduate nursing school, you should have kids by now!!! Also… naming them ‘brooke or luke’ because we told ourself that one tree hill will always be in our hearts and so will brooke and lucas… I just know that you are a great mom… and make sure that even though you have long shifts you still make time for your family… Please make sure you keep in touch with mom and dad you know how clingy they are …. especially mom.. never forget what they have done for you and make sure you do the same for your children….

If everything I have said doesn’t happen just know I am not disappointed in you… I just know whatever you are doing at 29, you are happy and living a life the way you want to live it….

Love 19 year old Courtney …..



I just know that you are happy and continue to do only

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