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History 2.0

This Wednesday I tuned into ds106 radio and listened to “History 2.0’s” radio show. Throughout their radio show they brought up a couple of the top news stories that have been getting a lot of buzz around campus. They started their introduction to the radio show with loud music to grab your attention and get you interested into their show. The first news story they talked about was the Trump Campaign and the recent sexist quote Donald Trump was recorded saying. They discussed how you never know what is going to happen when in reference to the Trump Campaign…. The whole group seemed to be on the same page and thought that this news story will affect the Trump Campaign and might actually cost him the election.

The second news story they spoke on was about cops pulling over a man and women passed out in the front seat off heroin as their baby sat in the backseat… This story has made a bunch of headlines and still is getting buzz. The cops took pictures and made this an example for the public to see…. The group discussed if it was a good idea to put this in the public eye. They agreed it would be helpful to put fear in the eye of the public to create a conscious when going to use heroin. Also they agreed there should be more of a punishment for the use of heroin instead of what the two people were given.. which was only a few months.

The final news story they spoke about was the recent threats clowns have made on the public. Some people have been dressing up as clowns and scaring local people. The danger of this is very real but most of the buzz is overreactions. Wearing a clown mask is ┬ánow classified as a class 6 felony… The group brought up a great point about how these attacks have affected the people who dress up as clowns for a living…

I thought this group did a very good job on their radio show. Their commercials were done very well and I liked how they were all together in one segment as their “break period”. Also I really liked how they all were together and did their radio show at one time instead of recording their own segments and putting them together by segments.

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