Shhh and listen

“Moon Graffiti”

I really enjoyed listening to the “Moon Graffiti” audio. I thought it was very interesting to hear what actually happened during their time on the moon. The audio begins with sounds of space and radio communication automatically picturing NASA and all those people watching and communicating to the men on the moon. Throughout the whole audio the tone and audio changes due to what is going on. When something bad or not planned occurs the audio gets louder and sounds of alarms and crashes behind to be heard. This allows you to picture that something bad is occurring and I was able to almost picture what was happening in my head, as if I was watching it on TV.   When the narrator would talk there would be no background sounds, just the narrators voice would be heard allowing you to indicate that this is a serious topic he is speaking about and allows you to focus solely on what he is saying. This audio was done very well because I was able to picture every action that happened almost like I was there watching it for myself.

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  1. I agree, as things got more intense the audio got louder! I listened to Moon Graffiti through my sound system and the sound effects definitely created a more dramatic experience. I felt like I was right there with them.

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