Show your work part 2

Think Process, Not Product

“A lot of people are so used to just seeing the outcome of work. They never see the side of work you go through to produce the outcome.” – Michael Jackson

This quote is the outline for what this chapter is mainly about. There is a lot that goes through the creative process… it takes a lot of planning and trial and error. The audience only cares about what the final product of a paper or artwork is, but for us we care about how we go about and create the product. I know that when I am writing a paper I put a lot of thought and effort into what the final product will be. It effects me emotionally when something I put a lot of time into doesn’t get the recognition or grade I think it would deserve. I become emotionally attached with my work and know that the process for me is a lot more important than the product.

Share Something Small Everyday

Before the internet there were not many ways to show your work as easy as it is today with the use of the internet. Before, when sharing work, there wasn’t a way to show the process and work that goes into it. The internet allows for so much room and space to show and express the process and final product of our work. Everyday there are so many chances and outlets to show work…. especially with the use of social media. The sharing of the process behind the product really creates a relationship between you and the audience. There is never a wrong thing about sharing, all work and process behind work is important.

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