Show Your Work

I found his message to be inspiring in a sense. All the points that he made can be used not only with creating a project, but in life in general. Throughout the book I began to agree with every single one of the points the author made. To me, all of the points seemed very significant and helpful for people going about a project, and expressing your private work to the world. The two points that I found the most significant were, #8 “Learn to take a punch,” and #10 “Stick around.” The point made from “Learn to take a punch” is to never let what other people think or say about your work affect you or what you feel about your project. As Taylor Swift said, “haters gonna hate” …. but just do what she does and Shake it Off… (haha get it). One of my favorite points, “Stick around”, means to never give up or quit on your project. You always have to allow yourself room to succeed, and things may not go your way at first, but if you wait and have faith good things will come your way.

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