Week 4!!

Week 4 Complete!!

Always such fun when exploring new ways on how storytelling fits into our daily digital lives. This week we experienced with audio storytelling and I had a lot of fun using a bunch of different tools. I had a little trouble with downloading Audacity which made it hard going about this weeks assignments. Other than a little trouble going about these assignments it was a lot of fun listening and learning how much audio does for movies and storytelling in general.

Audio Storytelling

After this week it was made very clear to me how much of an impact the audio or background sounds have on movies and the show business. The audio brings the emotion and extra information to what is going on in the story or scene. Without the audio the audience wouldn’t be as hooked or focused on what is going on.


 “ds106 radio” and “Moon Graffiti” were great examples as to how much impact the background audio has on the story or audio being told. While listening to both of these audios I was able to imagine/picture the story being told, as if I was watching it for myself or even a part of what was going on. As an important or suspenseful scene was about to occur you could feel the build up of the music, encouraging you to be on the edge of your seat waiting to see what is going to happen next.

Daily Creates

This weeks daily creates were a lot of fun as usual… I like these because it gives me the ability to use a social media site (twitter) to use images to tell stories and create new ideas. Below I have attached the link to the three daily creates I completed this week.


Radio Bumper

I had a lot of cool and fun ideas for this assignment but again it was hard to record myself with sound effects without audacity. It still was a lot of fun creating and learning what goes into making a radio bumper.

Audio Assignments

This week I completed 12 stars worth of audio assignments, it was a little difficult for me to complete these assignments since audacity wouldn’t download onto my computer. But I was able to use iMovie and soundcloud to help create and share my work. I had a lot of fun with these assignments but would of been nice to have audacity help me out.

Radio Show Ideas

This week we began to brainstorm ideas for our 20-30 minute radio show we will be getting into next week. I find this very exciting and can’t wait to finally do a group assignment for this class! When I was thinking about ideas for this assignment I thought of having some fun with it. Creating a radio station that is informative but also can get a good laugh out of, which is what we all need. I blogged a couple of my ideas in a post before and hope I am able to find others with the same ideas to have a fun group project with.

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