Week 5!


Another fun week complete!!!

This week we focused on the aspect of digital storytelling using design.

Read and Reflect:

First we read; The Vighelli canon, Stranger things article, and watched a video on title design. I was very impressed by reading these articles as well as watching the video. I did not know how much time and work go into the beginning few seconds of any movie or TV show. I know that a cover and I guess  movie title is what draws the viewer in… and can make or break if someone watches the movie. That puts so much pressure on the artist … I can’t even imagine. The ‘Stranger Things’ Netflix original series has caught a lot of buzz and can mainly can be do to the great work by the artist who created the title for this series. If more food or even day to day things used the kind of typography this title does, it could entitle people to become more interested and buy the product.


For this assignment I walked throughout the HCC and found objects that caught my eye and took photos of them. This assignment allowed me to see that there are so many aspects that have to go into sign making… it needs to not only convey a message but also allow enough interest for the reader to understand the message and want to read what is says. I posted the images used to Flickr.com.


Show Your Work:

For this assignment we were to read two more chapter of Show your work: Think Process, Not product… and…. Share something small everyday.

These chapters gave more of in insight as to how to grab the readers attention and form a relationship with your viewers but not just sharing the final product but the work or process that went into it. The process is what means the most to us because it is what we put the most of our time and care into. When sharing the process day to day it helps and allows for more feedback, also being able to help get to the final product a lot faster than without feedback.

Daily Creates:

 This week we posted three daily creates to twitter. I really enjoy doing these creates this week because it gets me away from my daily social media/twitter posts.


Design Assignments:

This week we were to complete 12 stars worth of design assignments. For these assignments I made a bumper sticker for my car and a business logo  using Pixlr.com. It was hard to embed photos with these assignments using pixlr but I was still about to create and design two very fun assignments. For my last assignment I took the word ‘Motivation’ and gave it a creative spin to it.

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