WEEK 6!!!!!

Weekly Summary!!!

YAYAY radio talkshow week!!

This week we got together and made a group for our radio talkshows. I was able to find a group fairly easy due to connections on twitter which was awesome!! We weren’t able to start a lot of planning due to miscommunications and busy schedules but we are meeting very soon and can’t wait to get started on this assignment. We decided to have our talkshow based on a topic we discussed throughout this class, what we did before the internet and how much impact the internet has on us. I am very excited to meet with my classmates and begin our talkshow.

I have designed a logo/sticker for our radio talk show, I wasn’t able to upload a design I made to it but my classmate is going to help me with that so we are able to use it for our talkshow. I used pixlr app on my computer to create this logo/sticker.

Audio Assignments:

This week we were to complete 10 stars worth of audio assignments, mostly to help get in gear our talkshow.

For my first audio assignment I completed the “Rhythms with Things” assignment. This was worth 3 stars and I was to create a rhythms with everyday objects… I used a water bottle and spoon… I used soundcloud to record and after I was done I uploaded my recording to my soundcloud page. I will post the link below. This assignment was a lot of fun to create.


The second audio assignment I completed was called “Real Housewives Tagline”. For this assignment I was to create a Tagline for myself I was was to be on of the Real Housewives on the show. If you haven’t seen the show before… When they introduce each housewife there is a 5 second tagline that is something that they either live by or believe to be true when describing their self. It took my awhile to think of one but I was finally able to do so. I recorded and uploaded my recording to soundcloud. I will post the link below. This assignment was worth 3 stars.


For my final audio assignment I completed the “sound of your day” assignment. For this I was to record sounds throughout my day and put them all together. I used iMovie to complete this assignment. I was able to upload my sounds from my phone right onto the iMovie template. Lots of weird sounds in my day but I had fun completing this assignment. This was worth 4 stars and I posted my sounds to soundcloud and will post the link below.


Daily Creates

YAYAY another fun week of completing three new daily creates and posting them via twitter. I really enjoy completing these assignments because it allows for conversation and connection with my other classmates on twitter. This weeks creates were a lot hard to complete than usual but I was still able to get them done. I met my talkshow group member from commenting on her daily create from last week so thats super exciting!! I will post the link to my twitter below!!



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