Weekkkkk 11

WOW it’s week 11… how this class has flown by…

This week we got into Remix and Mashups. I learned a lot about the difference between what a Remix and Mashup are actually when referring to creating them.

This week we worked on 12 stars worth of Mashup Assignments… these varied from video clips put together or photos compared to one another. I used iMovie and Collage Maker to complete these assignments. I uploaded the completed assignments to YouTube. We also completed 2 remixes of any assignment on the assignment bank.


Completed two Daily Creates!!!


I had a lot of fun completing these Mashups … I have learned how to work iMovie and now I use it a lot more now. I have also showed a lot of my friends what I have learned and they have been using iMovie a lot more as well.

Can’t wait for next week!!!

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