Weekly Summary

I have had a great time this first week exploring and creating new views on the internet and also, learning about the world of blogging. This week had helped to to create a new way of thinking and going about using the internet. The article,¬†A Domain of one’s own in a post-ownership society, opened my eyes to the how little ownership we have or thought we had over our internet use. Thinking about it now we have little to no ownership over all our processions in general and, it’s a little scary to think about. After reading the article I feel weird posting something on twitter knowing someone is getting paid for my ideas, or posts I put on the internet. As I said in my last post, the internet means a lot to me….. but after this week its hard for me to feel like I have my own space or room to express/create ideas. I never knew how to blog or even go about making a blog before this week. Now that I have one, I really enjoy writing my thoughts on topics out there and getting feedback from people who may feel the same or even different than I do… ¬†This week I have learned so much than I expected I was going to about the internet. I thought creating and going about making a blog was a lot harder that it seemed to be. Mostly because my computer is slow… but also because I’ve never done anything like this before. Thinking about a domain name for my blog was probably the hardest part this week for me… at first I blanked on names that I could use but once I found one it was already taken… I really enjoyed writing my own ideas about the articles I read and, creating new social media that I didn’t have before such as.. Vimeo, Soundcloud, and Flickr. All and all I had a lot of fun this first week and really going to enjoy this course.

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