yayayay week 2 complete!

This week was filled with a lot of readings but allowed me to, yet again, see a new light in the world of digital storytelling. I had no idea how much of an impact Web 2.0 had on story telling. Web 2.0 changed from static web pages to user friendly content and has eventually lead to the impact of social media. I found the change to be huge for the world itself because where would we be today without it.

“A logic named Joe”

This article actually was very creepy to read because all the points and predictions the author had about todays world of technology is true. He states that we will all have some sort of device in our homes and it will over take our lives. Overall saying that without technology or the web today… todays people will not know how to go one.

The site on ‘How to write up assignments’ was very helpful for me this week when going about these assignments. It helped me lay a format to what I wanted to say but also giving more personal detail and creativity.

Daily Create

I really like doing these Daily Creates… even thou we only have to do three a week it was very fun activity and helped show my creative side.


Assignment Bank

These were a little tricky for me to do… and probably took most of my time doing this week. I think I thought to hard about how to do them but once I realized what I wanted to say it was easy for me to finish and create a story with them.

Another great week of Digital Storytelling and can’t wait for next week assignments!!!

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